We see works of art every day, whether it be through social media or simple paintings in the workplace; but one that sticks out the most, that we often forget exists, is street art.

Street Art? Graffiti?...

Street art, also known as Graffiti, is a form of art where someone spray-paints (or uses other media) their art onto walls, buildings, trains, etc. This art is made for many reasons, the most reasons being just for fun or to spread a message. Some defining characteristics are big bubble letters, bright colors, and most spray-painted illegally.

When Did it Start? Why?

The art form originates from a boy named Darryl McCray, who also goes by Cornbread, in the 1970s. He wanted to get the attention of a girl so he tagged buildings with spray paint with the phrase "Cornbread Loves Cynthia". From then, young people started using his method of tagging to spray-paint art on trains and buildings in New York.

The Key Artists and More

The first pioneer is obviously Daryl McCray, the creator of graffiti itself. Another example is Banksy, the anonymous street artist known for his many works with messages all around random cities of the world. Not only them, but other pioneers contributed to the genre as well, such as; Chris “Daze” Ellis, Dondi White, Tracy 168, and many more. While some did it for fun, some did it to portray a message. Even in current times, graffiti is used to spread awareness of social issues.

This style has inspired many movements and many art styles and is now more widely accepted (though, still illegal in some places.)I already knew about this genre and have wanted to become a street artist myself, but I never knew it all started with a kid trying to get a girl's attention.

Examples of Street Art